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Repentance Is A Gift

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

We have a gift right now to repent for every sin we have committed willfully ignorantly, doesn’t matter, we have free will to choose to repent and in God’s word it says he will forgive us and our sins. There is no sin he want forgive so it doesn’t matter how much wrong you have done in your life our Lord is merciful, he is loving, and he is a forgiving God to forgive us when we come humble before him seeking his forgiveness in any wrong we have done to him in his eyes. We can go to him and repent in honesty and humility and he will forgive us, and we can start anew walking in good and righteousness or go back to our own way or our same sin or a new sin. But repentance is a gift here and now. This is a time like never before for us to repent to the Lord and go and sin no more and when we strive to live holy, strive to live in obedience instead, we in essence are living to sin no more due to the fact we are looking and living and striving to please and serve the father more than ourselves and our sins which displease Jesus.

There are some who disregard repentance, reject it, ignore, downplay it, don’t see importance in it, it’s not a big deal. It might be 70% of a big deal but the 30% don’t matter type of thing with repentance. There are people living lives sinning not repenting because their sin is normal to them now. Taking the Lord’s name in vain. Thinking bad or hateful thoughts. Lusting while looking at a man or woman. Saying the GD word, lying, embellishing, and gossiping. People do these things on a daily basis thinking nothing of it. Not repenting of it. The bible says in Revelation that the Lord is coming for a bride without blemish. We can’t reek of sin guys. Sin doesn’t inherit the kingdom. Repentance can keep you from perishing.

There are some people who think repentance should be only at conversion initiation which means at the point you become saved since to them or their doctrine they believe in Jesus died for present past and future sins so repentance ain’t really a thing you or they gotta do. But Luke 13:3 says except ye repent you will perish this is talking to every human rather you are saved or not saved, some think it’s just for the unsaved, don’t risk your eternity on that.

There are people who believe you can live however they want and still go to heaven and when that is proven a lie to them repentance something they rebuked others for themselves and upon others not to do, it will be something they now embraced more than over and the gift of it will be something they knew they took for granted. Repentance is a gift we all need to accept and surrender ourselves to the Lord asking for his forgiveness right now because once the gift of that is gone it’s gonna be a feeling I can’t even imagine which is not being able to have it and not being able to say it, use it. Repentance is gonna be something that was so easy to do, and made simple for us to do but we didn’t give it a thought, we disregarded it, we rejected it. Guys don’t be one of those people, repent. It is a gift and privilege of the love and mercy of our Lord and savior. Utilize it daily.

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