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Welcome to the “Do I live For Self or Jesus” quiz page!

This is a quiz for unbelievers as well as believers in Christ. This quiz is really a self-exam that allows you to see what and how is your status/ relationship with Jesus Christ, or if you have one, need one, or want one. You are not timed nor actually graded but your relationship with the Lord will be tested. This is not to judge or condemn anyone, this is to check and hopefully confirm if you really live for Jesus or yourself.


Jesus tells us in the bible saying, “If you love me obey my commandments.” And Jesus also tells us that if we follow him, to pick up our cross, deny our flesh and follow him. At the end of the quiz, if you realize you follow you, acknowledgment is a good thing, it’s the first step, and this quiz is to help you acknowledge your error(s) so that you can get closer to Jesus and would want to establish a real relationship with him following how our Lord says for us to live our lives, and to treat others. So, are you ready?


Please fill out the form below so your results can be emailed to you and proceed with the quiz.

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