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Casting Out Deliverance Prayer

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Create a quiet no distraction space called your holy covenant and say this prayer. You can add in worship music if prefer but say this over repeatedly for 30 minutes up to an hour. If you have a specific sin you struggle with please confess it in this prayer using this prayer. This prayer is you inviting the presence of the holy spirit to come dwell with you, but you must stay focus in spirit and fight the carnal brain that will drift into la la land or other distractions. If you know there is ungodliness and unrighteous in you, such as hate anger, jealousy whatever it is, dedicate time to casting that out by saying this prayer.

Lord God, I rebuke and bind the enemy in the form of any negative ungodly emotions and feelings that I may be harboring inside of me and I destroy every hold of any ungodly spirit that is not of your spirit that has a hold on me, and I pray Father God that you will help me right now to overcome any spirit of any ungodliness and negativity in me in the name of Jesus. I ask that your spirit Jesus dwell more inside me and drive out every hand of frustration bitterness and resentment or anything inside of me that is displeasing you and hindering me in you in the name of Jesus and Heavenly King, I pray for a fresh abundant radical anointing that will destroy the existing ungodly spirit of feelings and emotions that are in my heart. Any wicked, sinful, evil spirit come out of me right now, in the name of Jesus I command you to come out of me.

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