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Sin Is A Fire: Women & Men Listen Up!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let’s look at sin as fire! Pretend like I’m holding a fireball in my hand which is sin, because sin is the fire. Okay? When you look or view fire you normally would not delight in it or go jump in it or even go get someone to delight or jump in it with you. When it comes to fire people want no part of it, why? Because fire burns, its harmful, and it’s deadly! We are not trying to acquaint any inch or ounce of our flesh to a fire because it will burn us, right?

But let’s say sin is a fire. The wages after all to sin is death as the bible clearly tell us therefore when we sin we are jumping into a fire that could ultimately lead to an eternal fire without repentance. But 1st John 3:8-10 says and listen very carefully brother and sisters, it says the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. 9No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 10By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother.

So, we have to know sin is only planned for our detriment by the enemy. There is no good outcome for us in sinning but those who practices sin are of their father the devil as it says in scriptures. When you justify sin or your sins you are justifying disobeying God because you rather obey who else, the devil because sin is the devil’s department. Now I am a woman so I know a thing two about women, how we love, how we think because I am of the female species but more importantly I use to be a lukewarm female species so I’m about to judge righteously here for a minute because I have been there and done that and have changed from that by the Lord God almighty who intervened on my behalf without no invite from me but because of his love and grace and mercy he intruded in my life and glory to God because I was unaware that I really very badly needed an intrusion in my life from him so I’m very grateful, but now saying all of that, let me talk to the ladies here if any should be here reading this and this also goes for guys too because they are just as wild as women can be.

But again, going back to sin is a fire, think about ladies and gentlemen. When women do things to cause a man to lust in his heart, she is being ungodly, maybe she is ignorant, maybe she has a jezebel spirit, regardless she is invoking a fleshly act upon another person to get them to commit a sinful act. If sin is a fire, she has just ignited it and those who are not of the spirit or possibly weak could see the inviting flame and leap into the fire of sin with her and this brother and sisters is one of many avenues the devil and his minions will take to make you sin against God. I have been guilty of this when I was lukewarm. I knew how to do hardly nothing to get a guy’s attention. I was actually very good at drawing attention to myself without hard work to follow behind it.

Most women go above and beyond to get if not force a guy to give them attention, personally for me I didn’t move like that, but I was very spoiled in my mindset because I became accustomed to getting what I want from a guy based on more or less flirting or just something I wore. I used to use men, dangle them, put up false pretenses, allure them, and please don’t misunderstand I’m not bragging my horrible young and dumb obnoxious ungodly behavior. I take no pride in that behavior of my past I’m just testifying and keeping it real with you because we all come from sinful ways and backgrounds. But because my gifted charm, plus I had a good figure as well, that got me a lot of attention from guys that fed my fleshly ego and I catered to that to keep up that fleshly gratification that actually came with perks too, I mean I was getting free entrances at the club, free drinks, how about I take you shopping for free today, free expensive dinners or meals, all on guys.

And when I got married, I got into the world figure competing I started competing in bikini model shows in bodybuilding competitions grabbing more attention to myself while creating I’m sure lustful or sinful thoughts in the hearts of men but of course at that time I didn’t care or think about that it was all glory for me and my body. And brothers and sisters make no mistake what I did glorified Lena it had Lena on her throne. I obeyed my flesh a lot back then because I use to have a FB page that displayed a bunch of pics of me half naked on stage competing that I got rid of as soon as I came seriously shall I say in Christ. So the urgency to go delete that account because the idea of someone somewhere looking at my pics from behind their screen lusting at my pics, convicted me, I didn’t want their sin on my hands because you will have to atone for others you cause to sin against God which you never think about or even know at a time when it’s all about self and pleasing self but brothers and sisters had I been conducting myself as a GODLY WOMAN I would have never been able to cause no man to sin against God on the account of me.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make with sin being a fire it not only burns you, but your flame can spread and burns others also. I see these women on social media showing it all very seductively on their profile pics it is very hard and sad to see and it makes me tremble in fear for these women. It’s bad when we sin or act ungodly own our own but when we take others into that with us I don’t even want to imagine God’s displeasure with that because ungodliness will have to answer for ungodly ways especially if that ungodliness lead to more ungodliness of sin that is against God. What you do and out that can cause someone to sin their behavior or reaction of sinning is on you lady and man.

Jesus wants you all about him. The devil wants you all about you and make you feel yourself so much you don’t even realize how many you are recruiting to sin all because he has you thinking you are so pretty and hot and maybe you are, that’s great but if that leads to someone sinning or being tempted to where they do sin behind that, Jesus holds you responsible. That’s why it’s important to stay godly and in the Lord. You never to or can tell what and how an ungodly act can lead to or how it can manifest, or how it can snowball or how it can have just a domino effect through many people’s lives based off for instance one ungodly act or profile pic because while the devil is using you who think you got it going on it’s causing more people to want to engage in ungodliness and commit sin by your ungodly act and you don’t have a clue. It’s just about the fleshly gratification of attention on your end. I know, I have been there, but little do we know we are going to be held liable for others who we have led into ungodliness by our actions if we don’t stop and turn from ungodliness and repent wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ.

With Christians everything we do as far as spreading the word of Jesus getting people to know scripture, the whole lot of it really, well the goal is for that to spread like wildfire in your life and others. Christians want you knowing about Jesus and how much he loves you and how much he died for your sins and how much he can save you so that, that can manifest and grow and build, we want that to have a domino effect in people lives to effect others in their lives. But on the flip side the devil wants the same thing in regard to you spreading ungodliness or sin around to yourself and/or for others and that’s where it’s dangerous brother and sisters. Christians get rewarded in heaven the more we plant seeds and advance the kingdom. The ungodly will have to answer for their spread of ungodliness and sin to each person it came across and affected which means a lot of blood is on a lot of people’s hands, could be even yours.

So many people are going to be baffled at the wildfire they caused by something they did years ago, or something they think was no big deal, or something they forgot, or something they didn’t even know was a sin, and probably wasn’t such posting a sexual pic that is not a sin, but it is an act of ungodliness that could lead to sin. This is why sin should be highly regarded as something we are so conscious of, that it we are making sure not to let one inch of our flesh be caught up in it. If you are casually partaking in sin that has possibly recruited more people as well 1st John 3:8-10 says you are of your father the devil because what Godly behavior is in the ungodly, what Godly behavior embraces sin that might get others to embrace it and sin as well?

So, think about it brothers and sisters, we are all sinners, yes, but are we practicing sinners? If sin is a fire that can burn you are your more often getting burned or walking away from the fire? Are you making sure your flesh constantly doesn’t get burn by not sinning or are you jumping into the fire easily as you please? If sin is a fire, we have to recognize it can be a flame before we set the flame. We have to know how to not want anything do with the fire in order for us not to get burned or burn others. And I know it’s hard and difficult for some there are so many things we do easily in the flesh that goes against God plus the fact that sin in this world is so normalized. That’s why many don’t recognize sin for what it is because the world has made it fun, and exciting, and ok and it want hurt you, so getting caught up in lust or gossip is easy and normal but woe unto you without true repentance because while it is making the devil happy, it’s not making Jesus happy at all.

And we have to recognize who side are we on, what we do, what we say, how we think, and how we feel, does it glorify God and is it a Christ like type of behavior, or is it of the devil and makes him happy? And we should be able to discern Christ like from devil like behavior. But we are so conditioned and programmed in this world that basically say sins is fun and normal that why so many easily jump into ungodliness not thinking nothing of it not even hesitating about it. But I encourage you to start to recognize Satan fires that are designed and planned just for you to ignite and set you on fire that he wants to also ignite and set others with you on fire too. Don’t fall for the flame trap. Don’t ignite the flame of sin yourself. God is not going to do a work in your life if you are in sin.

There are some people Jesus knows who is gonna easily sin without thinking meanwhile they are expecting to be blessed and heard by him and this is not how God. You are serving two masters accommodating sin while claiming a Christian card at the same time. You want God attention there’s three words that I suggest you do consistently, obedience, holiness and repentance. You want attention from the Lord almighty you want the Lord to come and bless you, you got it with those three things right there. Chose this day who you will serve because it cannot be both Satan and God it has to be either other. Rev. 3:16 Jesus said I want you hot or cold if you are lukewarm which is in the middle I will spit you out and that does not mean spit you out into heaven people.

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