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Unequally Yoke Spouse Prayer

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Almighty God I pray that you give me strength for I know I cannot do anything on my own. I pray that you heal my marriage and restore the union between me and her husband. I praise your holy name because I am your child and know that you are protecting me. I know that you want the best for me and that you want me in an unbreakable bond in my marriage. Through the intercession of your son Yeshua Hamashiach and through the intercession of the Holy Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit I ask that you crush every enemy, sin, Satan, and worldly force that is trying to destroy my marital bond in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask that you cast down the evil spirits in Jesus name because my marriage has been ordained by God according to the will and purpose of the Lord. Jesus, please break the chord of destruction over my marriage in Jesus name. I pray against the spirit of strife confusion, and discord. Let the blood of Jesus prevail over my marriage and let the spirit of tenderheartedness be released.

Lord cast down the spirit of malice hatred and unkindness. I put our marriages in your hands. I call out to you Father God just as your hands stretched out against Judah and against the inhabitants of Jerusalem please stretch out your loving hand to restore my marriage. Please Lord do not allow it to come empty and dead. Give it life love and strength in Jesus name. Crush the plans of the devil to tear apart what you have joined together in Jesus name. Lord God I pray for you to forgive my wrong and my part that I have played in my marriage and now I come humbly before you asking you to change my heart renew my mind and give me the strength in my marriage. Let me walk in the spirit always Lord. I pray I walk in obedience to your will in my marriage. If there is something wrong in my heart father God, I ask that you to cast it out and make me aware so I don’t walk ignorantly in bitterness or whatever could be hindering a blessing or me growing into my fullness. Give me a heart so that I may love as you love even through rebuke ridicule and attacks.

Teach me how to withstand. Give me a pure and holy heart Father God for I desire to do your will and follow you. I know testing and trials will come but Lord give me faith and strength to withstand and love my spouse for I too want like you Lord that not even he who is not in your will, should perish. Intervene in my husband heart Lord. Bring him into truth and righteousness place a burden of repentance on his heart, Lord remove the scales over his eyes so that he too can love as a husband should love. Lord open his heart to receive you Lord and I rebuke that demon or any spirit that is not of you in him in the mighty name of Jesus! Lord I lay my marriages at your feet and I give my husband over to you but work on my heart and mind. Teach me holiness and obedience and to crucify my flesh with an abounding heart. I pray I can walk more in spirit drawing closer to the holy spirit that will guide me with a loud voice that I will hear clearly due to my obedience so that I can walk more and more in the obedience. I pray Father you speak to me, reveal yourself to me and show me my calling. Give me a message that can only come from you Lord through vision, dream, or speaking directly to my heart so that I know it’s from you. Father I love and worship you and I give you all the praise honor and glory to the one who sits on the throne forever and ever for holy holy holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is to come. Thank you, Lord God. Amen and hallelujah!

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